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Rated Output Power (THD 1%) :
PA-2000/PA-2000R: 60W (RMS)
PA-4000/PA-4000R: 120W (RMS)

Input Sensitivity/Impedance
CH 1~CH 6

Phono (CH6) - 2mV/22KΩ
Link In - 100mV/15kΩ
Telephone In - 100mV/15kΩ
Amp In - 1V/47kΩ

Frequency Response - 60Hz–20kHz
T.H.D (at 1kHz Rated Output) - Less than 0.5%
S/NGraphic Equalizer
(100Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz, 3.3KHz, 10KHz) ±12dB

Speaker Output/Impedance :
120W: 4Ω, 8Ω, 42Ω (70V), 83Ω (100V)
60W: 4Ω, 8Ω, 83Ω (70V), 165Ω (100V)

Link Out/Impedance 500mV/600Ω
Music On Hold/Impedance (2000R/4000R only)
Preamp Out/Impedance - 1V/600Ω

Tuning Range - FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz AM: 522 – 1710 KHz
Antenna Input - FM: 300Ω, BAL or 75Ω UNBAL
Usable Sensitivity - FM: 2µV , AM: 4µV
S/N - FM: 65dB, AM: 50dB

Power Source - AC 110V–240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption :
PA-2000/PA-2000R: 130W
PA-4000/PA-4000R: 230W
Weight - 10kg (22 lbs.)
Dimensions - 420(W)x 100(H)x 320(D) mm
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Atkal Jāņi Alpos 7. daļa

Turpinam iesākto, jeb laižam pa kalna takām uz leju.
no aptuveni 2200m uz 1200m

Connect the amplifier to 70/ 100 volt speakers

Where do I connect the speaker? Would you like to know which terminals are used to connect a constant voltage 70/ 100 volt speaker to the back of a PA amplifier, then this audio tips is just for you.\r
There are so many terminals on the back of an amplifier it can be very confusing. Check out this simple audio tip on how to connect your speakers together so they are in phase to each other, and then see how to connect your cable to the right terminals on the amplifier.
Rafael Rivera : Por favor como conecto 2 bocinas jbl 8128 a mi amplificador? Mil gracias por su valiosa respuesta.
Melad Saweres : How to connect the ampilifier to the mixer
Jeetender Kakkar : Hello sir
How to make 100volt amplifiers
Rogério Valgode Carvalho : Nice explanation, thanks!
Nufel Mohamed : Hi.i have 20wats speaker then mention 500ohms/500ohms. So where i have to connect. How many ohms
Kyaw Swa Myint : Thanks
Ceejay Music : Hi Sir, what is the differences between 70v and 100v line...
RANJEET KANU : When to connect with com 4 ohm/8ohm and when to connect with com 70v /100 v i don't know
Amar Fm : How to connect for 2 100v speaker?
Michael Diaz : HI, I bought 4 jbl 26CT 70v / 100v speakers, I want them for my audiovisual room at my house, which amplifier will you recomend me?




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